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New and Used Containers at the Lowest Price Guaranteed.

We deliver One Trip, Cargo Worthy, Wind and Water Tight, and As Is condition shipping containers to your location anywhere in mainland United States

For over 15 years Container Storage Group has been supplying quality new and used shipping containers at the lowest price with top notch customer service nationwide. Whether we sell 1 or 10 containers to our clients, we aim to provide the same quality service to everyone.

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We do not offer returns. We will guarantee that the shipping container you purchase is the condition you requested.

All used shipping containers will have dings and rust. All our shipping containers will provided based on the condition you purchased.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to see your container or provide you with exact pictures of your container. We have multiple units at our depots, you will receive the next available/accessible unit.

This can be reviewed on a case by case basis due to liabilities. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to pick up the shipping container you purchase.

We accept credit cards, ACH, wire transfer and checks. Note: Delivery will not be scheduled until payment is received.

We aim at getting your container delivered as soon as we can. We are usually within 2 weeks from date of order. Once order is placed, we will keep you well informed of the timeline for your delivery.

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Used shipping containers often come to sale into the market upon retiring from a shipping line fleet. Once the shipping containers are retired, it's kept at a secured facility nationwide with certified inspectors who then inspect and grade each shipping container upon arrival. The conditions on used containers are based on industry standard. Used containers are not graded by how the shipping containers looks cosmetically which tends to be a big misconception for buyers who shop for a shipping container. All used shipping containers will have rust and dings which can vary by each used shipping container.

Enter delivery zip code to get the lowest prices prices on shipping containers guaranteed!